Say Welcome to the new specific Suite for the digitalization of the medical industry.

The medical division of WINFOR company already has a new brand to boost its growth in Europe. OLM360 is the new digital platform that includes different specific software products for the different processes of companies, manufacturers and distributors of the medical system.

Under the baseline “Intelligent Technology for the Medical Industry”, the OLM360 Suite invites the Industry to join the digital transformation within 4 main keypoints: logistics, commercial, financial and learning & support.

In the Spanish public health system, around 4 million operations are carried out annually. Each of them requires its own specific equipment (eg prostheses and screws) boxed in different trays (it is the unit element where the standard materials for operations are collected).

The manufacturers and providers of these materials should deliver the rigth tray, within the conditions requested by the Hospitals. So, every participant in that process should take control of their cost, the location and other conditions. It would be a completely mess without a digital platform which automatically integrates all information needed.

One simple screw can cost 100€ and around 48 screws are inside a simple tray, plus prostheses parts. So, in order to avoid errors, losses and waste of time, the agents, distributors and manufacturers can work together with the Hospital in a Digital Suite.

OLM360 is the new brand for the MEDTECH Software to connect each of departments involved within the Industry.

Optimize logistics. Grow Revenues. Improve financial procedures. Teach and Assist health professionals.

Say Welcome to the new specific Suite for the digitalization of the medical industry.
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