Virtual&Remote Assistant

Virtual&Remote Assistant

Show easily how to use the equipment and make the medical professionals be ready to work with them.

Anywhere initialize the VRemote application

Medical professionals can access to all the documentation, procedures and explanations of the medical equipment.

Learn & know equipment specifications

With this application,  you can assist and show the specific features of the equipment requested by medical team.

Designed to medical professionals

Avoid doubts, missunderstandings and you will help the medical professionals to success.

Who must use it?

Industry Manufacturer
Agents & Distributors

How it works?

When medical team needs to know the full functionality of a equipment and how to use it correctly, they should acces the VRemote application: a virtual assistant for training and technical assistance to the healthcare team.

The medical equipment manufacturer introduces all the necessary information and the available trainings into the system so that the healthcare team has virtual and remote access whenever they need it. Also, the medical managers can organize the sessions easily.

By starting the application, the medical team will be able to use the materials without errors nor doubts and the manufacturer will have information on improvement and actual use of their materials.

Main features

The Virtual&Remote application allows the medical team to organize the learning and the assisting process for every product. This is a system where all the information, features, how-to or good practices can be shown and updated continuously.

Reducte costs by saving time of configuration and optimize the training of your team.

Training and virtually assist for the medical equipment

Our team will plan a project that fits within your systems.

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