Financial Manager

Automatically organize all the documentation between the stakeholders and avoid errors.

1. Automatically organizes the documentation received from suppliers

Either within public or private contracts, the amount of contracts, invoices, orders, delivery notes or similar will be organized by your criteria.

2. Organize all payment requirements from different clients

Officially certified by Public Administrations, identifies and generates the right documentation for each client.

3. Full control of the financial & administrative procedures

The system can work as an official documentation storage. You will filter, evaluate and decide within all your data.

Who must use it?

Industry Manufacturer
Providers & Insurance Companies

How it works?

Getting all the legal conditions of the contracts, it creates a big data system that generates the financial documentation automatically. 

You can take a photo of a document, ticket or any order and that can be integrated with the Documentary System. This system can be integrated with Kofax or Sharepoint and also contains OCR libraries. This function can scan documents and process data.

You can personalize an automated workflow to manage billing procedures as a medical provider, including all the insurance companies, hospitals and manufacturers.

Legally certified by Spanish Authorities, it is valid as a legal documentary storage.

Main features

It incorporates its own intelligent algorithm that allows the management, distribution and validation with all the different hospitals, automatically and instantly.

Organize and Improve your financial documentation with our technology

Our team will plan a project that fits within your systems.

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