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A unique team of IT professionals joined to MEDTECH professionals

Commited to the Success of Medical Industry

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Our solution is being used and implemented all around the world. Nowadays, users from 15 countries and 4 continents are working and optimizing their processes with us. Leading the Digital Revolution of the Medical Industry points us to think global and act locally. 

Over the years, we have managed several projects of digital transformation within the MEDTECH sector. All these implementations lead us to be responsible of large amounts of DATA. The software suite is absolutely secure, confidential and solid. We have learned a methodology to personalize the functions to your own system.

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Up to 90% billing errors avoided

More than 1.000 users around the world


We provide ROI proven processes and software fitted and tailored specifically for MedTech most common processes, including Loand and Consign process types. We differentiate MedTech from general Health and medicaments manufacturers companies where processes are linear and common to general industry standards.


We understand MedTech as a differentiate type of companies inside the Health sector with their own needs, processes and challenges.


Born in May 2016 to cover all needs, including services for a MedTech company. Currently we are leaders in Spain as Software provicers in the MedTech segment and expanding successfully to other EU countries


Our team includes experts in Big Data, IOT and most up to date technologies. We do our software codding in flutter (from Google) and .NET (Microsoft), as well as native IOS for mobility devices

Medical Division of WINFOR

Experienced Professionals

Our team has develop the ability to understand each request from our clients. So, we can provide the best software solution for every kind of department. The efficiency and economical growth of our clients is a mandatory aim to achieve.

Following our corporate values give us the potential of the company and the specific focus in our sector.

A specific methodology for the medical industry


Everything you need to gather data from equipment, requests or medical storage rooms

2. GO

This is the action you will do to optimize, reduce, improve or increase your medical processes


Accomplish your goals using our medical software suite for each of your aims.


Stablished KPIs will give you thhe full control of logistics, sales, administrative and financial tasks

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