Intelligent Tender Manager

Organize all the requests from tenders and build up automatically the proposal within the specific equipment requested.

1. Collect all requests from public tenders

Acquire intelligently therequests from the public tenders of medical equipment, organize all the data in your own database and check your stock.

2. Build up the formal application

Automatically, write and compose the application for the tender attaching the specifications for all the equipment requested.

3. Control and follow up all the requests

Manage your application and follow up all the stock available and the conditions stablished.

Who must use it?

Industry Manufacturer

How it works?

Automatically gathers all the data of equipment requested in tender documents and brings that to your own system. Once there, that software creates the process to check, within the internal stock, the availability and accomplish of requirements.

The next step is to easily generate the official tender application with all the technical information of requested products and the conditions stablished in the tender.

Meanwhile, all the process will be managed by our system in order to give you full control  of the Tender Application.

Main features

Working with automatic systems, allows you to improve administratives tasks, safe time and avoid human errors. Join the digital revolution to optimize the process of writing and composing tender applications and generate more incomes.

You can connect to your own ERPs and Office Suites and take the full control of the public contracts.

Generate your automatic tender application with our technology

Our team will plan a project that fits within your systems.

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