Medical Logistics Manager

Control and optimize the logistics of medical equipment.

Logiclick Application

1. Receive and prioritize all the orders

Manufacturer receives all equipment requests, orders and prioritizes them automatically based on available stock (look at our Medical Stock Manager)

2. Check, identify and certify the delivery

The distributor receives the corresponding FLAG, checks its stock, sterilizes, labels and the ordered equipment is sent to the hospital.

3. Full control of the logistics process

The software provides a total control system, geolocating each shipment and ensuring the verification of the delivery.

Who must use it?

Industry Manufacturer
Agents & Distributors

How it works?

Manufacturers of medical equipment receive a multitude of requests with a FLAG system, from places around the world and with maximum urgency. Begin the process of optimizing the logistics of medical equipment by our logiclick application.

Distributors receive their warning FLAGs. The sterilized material is identified and labeled. So, materials and equipment are sent to their destination correctly and quickly.

The system works without errors and the manufacturer controls the process of shipping and delivery of medical equipment.

Main features

The digital transformation allows to control the logistics deeply. All processes can be incorporated into a digital control platform, saving costs, avoiding errors and optimizing resources.

You can connect to vendor information systems, optimize warehouse and route management. It can geolocate the equipment and automatically keeps the log of the sterilization certificate.

Optimize and secure your medical logistics with our technology

Our team will plan a project that fits within your systems.

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