OLM 360 System (Health Operations Lifecycle Management) for hospitals

OLM360 System (Health Operations Lifecycle Management)

The Medtech division of Winfor started a project for the validation of the OLM360 suite as the first comprehensive digital operational platform to achieve full control and traceability of instruments and other materials used in the surgical operations of health centers. OLM will respond to the needs of control, communication and improvement of efficiency between health services (understood as hospitals, private clinics, Primary Care Centers, etc.) and in general throughout the value chain of the health system, also reaching the MedTech sector, taking advantage of current and not yet exploited technological possibilities such as Cloud Management, traceability and storage, and pre-surgical and post-surgical device recognition using IA.
This project is financed by the ERDF, through Red.es and a first pilot will be developed at the Hospital del Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa (CST)


Proposed solution: Full traceability with OLM360

Summary description of the solution

The software (module WinforEye) of OLM360 suite is used in a pre-surgical environment to detect the elements in each surgical tray, visually with IA. Provides complete traceability, even of elements without a barcode label (or too small to read them one by one) from pre-surgical steps, sterilization and post-surgical recovery of devices. At the time of processing a tray by WinforEye, the tray will be identified by tray type and by tray id and tied to the surgical Operation ID or Patient Health record ID. This unique identification of the tray will be used to read from the database the elements of the tray from the HIS, and can go as detailed as at the level of serial number; and will save a separate static, frozen data at that moment, containing all its elements, present and missing from the image and the content at the serialized stock level that is at that moment assigned to the processed tray. Likewise, the certificate corresponding to the last sterilization of said tray, the operator who has carried out the operation and the date and time of the review by WinforEye will be as well saved in the data.

Aspects considered

Key elements and aspects that intervene in the solution and that have a relevant impact on it have been considered:
• Identification of points of improvement on the current process of the Hospital
• Benefits of the Winfor solution in regards efficiency
• Detail of OLM modules, modular software developed by Winfor and specialized in the health sector
• New flow of elements resulting from applying the proposed solution
• Definition of functionality and changes to be implemented
• Scope of a pilot as a previous step from the system to production
• Traceability capabilities
• Validation and feedback from the hospital
• API Integration

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Benefits of the project
The CST will gain all the below listed benefits from this project:
• AI-assisted recognition of the material with low needs of key and manual interaction from operator.
• Implementation of a complete circuit with traceability (MDR compliant)
• It will allow at any time the consultation of a specific dataset and to know in which surgical operation (s) it was used, on what dates, how it was sterilized and by which operators prepared it.(Frull traceability)
• It will also allow some added benefits such as knowing how many times a particular product has been used (i.e., scissors) and contrasting against the manufacturer’s specifications if it has exceeded use and must be sent for repair (or sharpening) or is still in good condition and can be reused. This allows not only full compliance with MDR but as well proof of compliance as the data is kept in system for as long as required by the hospital.

Other relevan benefits derived from the project
• Decrease in manual management
• Enables Process automation capabilities
• Speeding up material review
• Guided operations in the preparation and identify missing material in the assembly of trays by means of an intelligent system (accross warehouses/hospitals)
• Increased efficiency and productivity
• Detection of possible losses and /or loss of post-surgery material just after surgery
• Increase efficiency in the control of entry and exit of material
• Improved certification process on sterilized material
• Correlation of trays with operation number or reference through databases.


OLM 360 System (Health Operations Lifecycle Management) for hospitals
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