Equipment Order Manager

Equipment Order Manager

Make easy to order, prepare, send and deliver the equipment needed in Hospitals.

1. Mediclick equipment order

Doctors or commercial agents can use their tablet to order the equipment they need and activate all the official delivery process, controlled by hospital, distributors and manufacturers.

2. Delivery process in operation

Once the order is activated, you can easily check the disseminated stock, command it through the right distributor and follow the geolocated identification flag.

3. Medical Success and Logistics Control

From Hospitals to manufacturers, distributors or agents, all the professionals will oversee their own information of the ordering process.

Who must use it?

Industry Manufacturer
Agents & Distributors

How it works?

Through a platform designed to facilitate medical work and the request for loan of material, all orders are sent to the manufacturer authorized by the hospital. Each order receives an identification flag that is sent to the manufacturer’s distributors for shipment.

The system can handle requests in a massive, automatic and agile way. Thus, we generate statistics and sales forecasts that allow you to calculate the efficiency of each action.

Main features

The digital revolution allows you to control all the process of ordering the medical equipment, so you can optimize it and make it profitable. All processes can be incorporated into a digital control platform, saving costs, avoiding errors and optimizing resources.

Improve your equipment order process with our technology

Our team will plan a project that fits within your systems.

Equipment Order Manager
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